Decor for the End of the World is a series of wool carpets created in response to the atmosphere of constant crisis that has consumed the last few years of our lives. This feeling – that the world we know could be irrevocably changed without warning – brought to mind the way I felt as a child growing up in the early 1980s, when society-ending nuclear war seemed to be always around the corner. As I sheltered in place at the beginning of the pandemic, I researched fallout shelter manuals from the Cold War era, exploring how a sense of security could be transmitted through plans and diagrams. I also passed time by learning new techniques such as tapestry weaving and rug tufting. The result was a series of carpets that offer both softness and vague guidance in case of emergency.


A Home for the End of the World, 63x33", 2021

Little Boxes, 62x44", 2022

Don't Get Discouraged, 31x37", 2021

Don't Get Panicky, 31x36", 2021

Fallout, 44x60", 2021

Checklist, 32x62", 2022

Duck and Cover, 24x26", 2022

Duck and Cover II, 24x18", 2022

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